First day at Infant Care

Back-dated post
After seeking the infant care branch director's advice, we decided to send Rou to the infant care a week earlier before I start work. This is something like an orientation for her and also if anything happens, mommy is ready to pick her up any time.
Mommy has a sleepless night the day before sending Rou to infant care.

7.00 a.m. sharp - wake everyone up ( Yes I am the alarm clock in the family, can never count on hubby as he can switch off the alarm clock and continue his sleep)After checking all items are in the bag ( diapers, clothes, milk bottle, milk powder, pacifier....etc) and off we go...
Apparently we are the first few to arrive at the infant care. According to the teachers the toddlers normally come in after 8.00 am. (O, we the most cruel parent to wake the child up so early in the morning, but when I start work, this will be the actual timing, so we have to act real, right?)
Rou was still a bit blur on what is going on. Not to frighten her, the teacher led us to the infant care room. The room for infants is separated from the toddlers to minimize the risk of the infant catching the germs from the older kids.
At the beginning, Rou was a bit scared and just sit like a stone and observe what I was doing. I tried to amuse her with the toys and pointing her to some of her favourite cartoon features, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet but nothing seems to catch her interest. After a good 10 minutes, she started to explore around and started to play with the toys. Phew! Mommy relief a little...
The caregiver came in at 8.00 am and while we were talking, all of a sudden, Rou stopped playing with the toy and start crying. Was that because we mentioned the word " cry" in our conversation ?
Mommy then carried a crying baby and walked around trying every little trick to cheer her up and finally settled with a pool of balls in the play pen.
The care giver suggested to hand over Rou to her and we have to do it without saying good bye as not to make it too emotional. So I slipped off the room quietly and make a peep from the window. The caregiver fed her milk and she seemed to be quite ok with the caregiver. I can hardly hold my tears anymore and left the centre the moment my tears start rolling down my cheeks.
It was the longest hours in my life waiting to fetch her back from the infant care. Hubby was even worse, he was trying to speed as fast as he could to reach there.
My poor baby, she was wailing when we stepped out off the car and before I could reach her, hubby already "snatched" the baby into his arms...
That was the first day and I think there would be another few more days of crying before she could get use to it.

I've got the job !

Just as blessed mum asked when will the result be out, I received a call from the HR manager this morning. Yippie ! I got the job. I was too excited and immediately accepted the offer without second thought. Yes, cannot deny the fact that I was too desperate for a job ! Anyway, there will be a long list of to-dos after this.
1. Collect the employment letter and go for medical check-up
2. Find an infant care centre for Rou (Already have a few in mind, just need to confirm if vacancy is available)
3. Shop for work clothes (Haha... thats what I have been waiting for)
4. Open an account ( Otherwise, how to get paid? )
5. Familiarize with driving in Singapore ( Last in the list but top priority)

No. 5 will be the most challenging ones for me as I really dread driving in Singapore. First of all, I have no sense of directions, imagine I can get lost in the wet market which my husband find it ridiculous..haha..thats me. Secondly, my parking skill is horrible. I banged my car to the lamp post once in my faculty where there was no other cars around in the car park. Since then, I have phobia doing reverse parking.
Hope there will still be time to blog a little, read a little and sleep a little...

Job Interview

(This is an outdated post)

I was called for an interview on 6/8/08. How's the interview ? I was a bit nervous as I have not been attending interviews for a long time ! What's more there were 3 interviewers "interrogating" me which I did not expect so many of them. However, I think the chance of getting the job is high as my past experiences match most of their requirements and most importantly, I like the job very much.
It was fun though because all three were from different countries, i.e. a Singaporean, an American and an Indian. So I believe if I ever got recruited, I would have to learn people from all over as it was a regional office.
Took a quick snap from the meeting room while filing up the form. ( Can you see me in the photo?) I know I should not post this sort of photo in the 7th Month...but I only noticed that today. Just posting it for fun !

I am still alive !

Have not been updating my blog for some time...sorry folks if you have been worrying if I am still alive ;P. For the past few weeks, life has been extremely busy with job hunting and interviews. Plus all the house-chores and a baby Rou, I have more than enough on my plate. Each time when the phone rings, my heart will pound faster, is it a call from the interviewer ? Or a call from the agency to do profiling with me, or is it a call to tell me, "Sorry we can't offer you the job !" I think I have a very weak heart now. Arrangement for interviews were even tougher as I have to check with both my husband and the interviewer for their schedules and at the same time make sure my husband has enough time to rush home to babysit Rou. I will be posting some out-dated posts which I only managed to edit lately.
Treat you Haagen- Daz ice cream for not deleting my blog from your reading list ! =) muaks !

A happy baby again !

The prune juice seems to work well for Rou. I have been giving her a tablespoon of prune juice after her first milk feed every day and now she passes motion at least once a day. The stool is not as hard as what she used to strain and push like a laboring mom and yes she is a happy baby again! Thanks for all mommies who has given me advice and suggestions. There is nothing more valuable than hearing from a mom who is always willing to share her own experience.
Here's a happy greeting from happy Rou :

Job hunting

Over the past few weeks, I have been busy with updating my resume, contacting some of my former colleagues in Singapore to get them as my referees and of course, started to send in job applications as well. Hopefully I will receive calls for interviews soon !
Finding a job is easy, but finding a job that warrants you job satisfaction is not easy! While browsing through the job opportunities available, I notice there are a lot of IT jobs available in the market. I can see the growing needs of the IT professionals with more and more mega projects coming up in the country. I am lucky in the sense that I have been involved in a lot of IT projects which gave me plenty of learning opportunities.
In my previous job, I had done quite a fair bit of process automation with my self-studied programming language. It was really a job which gave me a lot of excitements and job satisfaction especially when the project has achieved its objective/ target and you were greeted with a heartfelt thanks from the users. All the projects that I have completed it inspired me to learn more about programming and even networking. I really hope I could get a job relating to the IT field. But reality is, I need some qualifications ! Perhaps I should consider getting some online courses like those offered by The Cisco Learning Network and obtain the Cisco certification. I hope it is not too late for me to start off a new chapter for a career in IT!

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Just got back from KL and it was really a long journey. We went back to KL last Wednesday evening after my husband finished work. Oh Gosh the queue at the Tuas checkpoint was horrible. We were stuck there for an hour plus and by the time we reached home it was already 11.30 p.m. Poor baby Rou had a sleepless night as she slept through the journey home.
As usual, we eat a lot, shop a lot ( btw, the Mega Sale just started. If you are planning a trip to Malaysia, it is a good time now) and do a lot of family visits.
There are a lot of things on my plate now including reading my long list of blog post which I subscribed to, clear my laundries, clean the house, reply to all my mails and catch up with my blog post and tags.So please bear with me ya.